San Diego divorce and child custody lawyer Brian A. Victor discusses how co-parenting can work with an unwilling co-parenting parent in this podcast episode featured on YouTube. Other considerations are discussed regarding their effect on the child custody parenting plan. It is extremely important to understand how to co-parent effectively and how poor co-parenting skills negatively affect children. Co-parenting classes should be taken to help improve ineffective co-parenting skills. 

Attorney Brian A. Victor discusses divorce and child custody issues. He brings more than 11 years experience recommending parenting plans to judges while working at Family Court Services in San Diego.

This is the 16th podcast episode by Attorney Brian A. Victor. In this particular podcast episode there is a discussion of how co-parenting can work with an unwilling co-parenting parent when creating a child custody parenting plan. Attorney Victor discusses child custody, divorce, co-parenting and other pertinent topics related to family law in his podcast episodes. Most people have questions about family law; divorce and the child custody parenting plan in particular. Attorney Brian A. Victor focuses on his experience when discussing these issues. 

These podcasts are not meant to provide legal advice, but rather general information and should not be relied on for legal advice.

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