I often get asked when meeting with a client for the first time what is the best divorce preparation information I can provide them. In my work as a San Diego divorce lawyer, I have found that understandably people do not have much clarity about their situation when they come to see me. In fact, they usually come with a notebook full of questions to help them clarify their situation.

By the time clients come to see me, they have made the conscious decision to get divorced. Generally, this decision has been made for quite a while, but it took something to give them the extra push to meet with a divorce attorney. When a client initially comes to see me they are usually well aware of my background and the fact that not only that I worked for Family Court for nearly 12 years, but I am a licensed marriage family therapist as well. They know that I understand how complex and stressful the divorce process can be.

What I have found however, when talking to a client for the first time, is that they usually have a complex history with their soon to be ex-spouse and have a hard time providing me the necessary information to get started on their divorce matter. What I mean by that is although they understand what has gone on in their marriage and can provide a history to me regarding the facts, they are unable to do so in a concise and accurate way, which is usually required for court.

As a San Diego divorce lawyer, it is my job to gather the client’s important history and provide it to the court in and easy to follow chronological history so that the judge can understand the important facts, rather than all of the facts.

Some of the best divorce preparation information I can provide to my clients is to teach them how to write down important facts versus needless facts. Their job is to tell me what happened in the situation and what they want the court to do about it. My job then is to take this information and draft it in a coherent way so the judge can understand exactly what it is my client wants.

I find it to be important to discuss with my clients what I determine to be the best divorce preparation insight they can use moving forward with their case so that I can better represent them in court. This tends to make my job easier, which in return makes it less expensive for them since by providing a coherent and concise history to me it takes me less time to draft essential paperwork that is necessary in their divorce matter.

Please remember that the information provided in this blog is not to be considered legal advice, but rather general insight.

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