For this blog I am going to continue discussing what needs to be considered when creating a child custody plan.

As I discussed in my last blog, there are many things to consider when developing a child custody plan. I talked about understanding what works in a child custody plan versus what might need to be modified and I discussed that the court does not always want to modify an entire child custody plan.

For this blog I will continue this conversation and focus on work schedules and how they impact a child custody plan. Again, I speak from my nearly 12 years of experience working at Family Court Services and from my experience as a child custody attorney in San Diego.

It is extremely important to take into consideration both parties’ work schedules as it relates to when they are available to spend time with their child. For example, if one parent works during the day that would not be a logical time to ask for the child to be in their custody. The flipside of course is if that parent works at night and asks for the child to be with them during that time that also may not be an appropriate time to add into the child custody plan.

There are many ways to work around one’s work schedule to allow for a child to be in that parent’s care. The important thing to remember, however, is that when a child is with that parent it is the parent’s main responsibility to care for the child rather than work during that time. This is especially true when parents have younger children who need more supervision.

The final area I want to talk about regarding the child custody plan is being aware when a parent may be a danger to the child necessitating the need for supervised visits. This is a topic that would take his own blog to discuss, however when there is a need for supervision creating a child custody plan becomes more difficult because you need to consider the availability of the court appointed supervisor. Suffice to say, this is one more aspect that makes the creation of a child custody plan more difficult.

There is too much information regarding developing a child custody plan than can be described in two blog postings, and I will discuss more aspects of it in future blogs. The important thing to remember is that the creation of a child custody plan can be difficult, but with the right insights does not need to be impossible.

To inquire further about your family law matter look for a local family law attorney who can discuss this process as it relates to your specific situation. In San Diego, contact the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor for more information on your specific family law situation.