Preparing for divorce? San Diego divorce and child custody lawyer Brian A. Victor discusses the topic of preparing for divorce in this podcast episode featured on YouTube. He specifically details the concerns that should be focused on when preparing for divorce and what items an attorney may need from you before you can begin preparing for divorce in court.  Other considerations are discussed regarding decisions to be made when preparing for divorce.

Attorney Brian A. Victor discusses divorce and child custody issues. He brings more than 11 years experience recommending parenting plans to judges while working at Family Court Services in San Diego.

Attorney Brian A. Victor is a family law attorney in San Diego, California. He accepts cases ranging from divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and guardianship. discusses what is necessary for improving ineffective co-parenting skills. Also, discussed is the use of co-parenting classes whether court-ordered or not and how they can benefit you when improving ineffective co-parenting skills.

Preparing for divorce can be difficult especially when you do not know what you will need to present your case to court. Attorneys will ask for many important documents and it is important to be ready with these documents when you first meet with your attorney. Also, your attorney will prepare additional documents to present to the judge so be sure to discuss with your attorney what they require from you so you can be best prepared.

This YouTube Podcast is presented as information only and not to be considered as legal advice.

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