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Brian A. Victor
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Brian A. Victor
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Testimonial – Client, Tess B.

“From the moment that I filed for divorce and child custody, I had 100% confidence in Brian. Each step of the way he kept me informed and prepared. I found his knowledge and background with divorce and child custody to be more than comforting. He was prompt in all responses or concerns that I had as well. I will most definitely refer a friend to him for his services and I would hire him again in a heartbeat should that ever be necessary. Thanks Brian!" Read more

San Diego Security Clearance Assistance Lawyer

The Law Offices of Brian A. Victor are here to help if you have lost your security clearance or if you are being denied a security clearance. This process is confusing if you have never been through it and having a professional who understands it walk you through it is a must for individuals with security clearance issues at various government agencies, the military, and civilian contractors.

Attorney Brian A. Victor worked at one of the leading law firms in the nation handling security clearance cases. Here, he gained experience in:

Drafting Responses to Statement of Reasons(SOR),
Drafting Requests for SOR or other documents,
Requests for JPAS and other Investigative Files,
Consultations for the SF-86

The Law Offices of Brian A. Victor will provide a response to your SOR, Statement of Decision, Letter of Intent, or if you have not received one yet, we will request an SOR or other document and Investigative File for you in order to begin the process for obtaining or maintaining your security clearance.

Contact the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor if you need someone to help you try and obtain your security clearance. Whether you work for a government agency, the military, or a civilian contractor, your career may depend upon being granted this security clearance. The Law Offices of Brian A. Victor offers affordable rates for these services.

As there are specific deadlines the Government sets in order to respond to their concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor for immediate assistance.

FAQs for Security Clearance Service

1. How can a lawyer help me with documents required to obtain a security clearance?


After it is determined that an individual needs a security clearance to perform a duty or occupation, they will be given a security clearance application SF-86 which will ask for a detailed account of the applicant’s life including facts about birth, citizenship, education, employment, residences, credit history, involvement in criminal and civil litigation, military history, marriage and divorce, medical information, drug and alcohol use, association with certain individuals and foreign nationals, time spent overseas, mental health, and more. Although they cannot complete the application for you, a security clearance attorney will help you review this and other appropriate applications and help you gather pertinent information.

2. I’ve been denied a security clearance. What should I do now?


A security clearance attorney can provide you with legal guidance and support to help you complete your response to the Statement of Reasons you received in order to attempt for you to obtain your security clearance. A security clearance attorney can file for a security clearance appeal if your original request was not granted. If you have been denied clearance for any reason, an attorney can help you schedule a security clearance hearing to appear before an Administrative Judge. This hearing must be scheduled within 15 days upon hearing the Statement of Reasons or you will lose your right to this hearing. You need advanced legal representation at this hearing to help you prepare a response to statement of reasons that denied you initial security clearance. The reasons that you were denied can vary depending on your individual circumstances, but may involve a criminal record or other reasons.