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Brian A. Victor
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Brian A. Victor
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Testimonial – Client, Tess B.

“From the moment that I filed for divorce and child custody, I had 100% confidence in Brian. Each step of the way he kept me informed and prepared. I found his knowledge and background with divorce and child custody to be more than comforting. He was prompt in all responses or concerns that I had as well. I will most definitely refer a friend to him for his services and I would hire him again in a heartbeat should that ever be necessary. Thanks Brian!" Read more

Family Court Services Lawyer (FCS) Preparation

When parties have a dispute regarding custody and visitation they are required under Family Code section 3170 to participate in a child custody recommending counseling session prior to a court hearing. These sessions occur at Family Court Services (FCS).

San Diego family court services lawyer, Brian A. Victor, is the only attorney in San Diego County who has worked at Family Court Services (FCS). With more than eleven years of experience at FCS, Attorney Brian A. Victor mediated the most challenging child custody and visitation matters and crafted more than 4,000 child custody recommendations for Family Court judges.

Attorney Brian A. Victor can prepare you for your FCS session when there is a custody dispute with firsthand knowledge of this process. He understands how stressful and difficult it can be to arrange a parenting plan and based upon his experience, he can help you come up with a parenting plan even in the most complex situations that works best for you and focuses on the best interests and safety of your child.

FCS Virtual Family Court Services Preparation Sessions
In these unpredictable and changing times, it is important to adapt to the needs of your clients. That’s why the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor Is offering virtual Family Court Services preparation and coaching. You can participate in preparing for your FCS session from the comfort of your own home or office via Zoom or other virtual means.

San Diego divorce lawyer, Brian A. Victor will prepare you for this process by role playing an actual FCS session, answering questions, and providing you with suggestions to help make your FCS session more successful.

This Family Court Services (FCS) preparation is an important part of his representation of your family law matter. You can also hire the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor for this Family Court Services (FCS) preparation even if you do not wish representation, but want to be more prepared for your FCS mediation session.

Contact the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor at 858-633-3529 to set up your Family Court Services preparation and coaching session in San Diego.

“Having worked with Mr. Victor as opposing counsel on a contested divorce matter, I was impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of the law and demeanor. We were able to work together to resolve a highly contentious case with positive results for both our clients…”
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FCS Preparation Testimonials

“Brian prepared me for my FCS mediation, which if you’re in San Diego especially, is a critical component of child custody and visitation. Brian went through every last detail of what to expect, what are the do’s and don’ts, and how to put my best foot forward in that difficult situation. If it weren’t for Brian, I would’ve felt like flying blind walking into the mediation.

Absolute 10/10 would recommend. If your existing family law attorney isn’t recommending Brian as a consultant, they’re doing something wrong!”

Tom S, FCS Preparation Client

“When it comes to mediation prep services, Brian is the best.  If you are involved in a custody/visitation dispute and have a mediation date before your court hearing, it is very important to be prepared for the mediation session.  If you haven’t been to mediation before, you have no idea how it works, what to do, or what to say.  

I have sent numerous people to Brian in order to prepare for mediation and everyone has come back with glowing reviews, which is why I will continue to send people to him.  

The bottom line is this:  Brian has years of experience as a former mediator and he knows exactly what goes on in family law mediation sessions.  That experience is invaluable if you are involved in a custody dispute.”

Jeff Mach, Attorney

“Having worked with Mr. Victor as opposing counsel on a contested divorce matter, I was impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of the law and demeanor. We were able to work together to resolve a highly contentious case with positive results for both our clients. When I learned Mr. Victor worked as an FCS counselor for 11 years, I began to use his services as an FCS coach for my clients. The results were incredible. In addition to his background as an FCS counselor, Mr. Victor had spent 7 years working for the Department of Children’s Services, giving him special knowledge in the area of dependency. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Victor to anyone in need of a compassionate, intelligent and dedicated family law attorney.”

Anastasia Ganatsios, Mediation Attorney in Fallbrook, CA
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

“If you have never attended a FCS mediation (or even if you have and want a better chance of things working out in your favor), then go see Brian Victor. Had I not met with him prior to my mediation, I know I would have handled numerous things in a different manner, which ultimately would have negatively impacted the outcome of my session. Thanks to Brian passing down his extensive knowledge of how the system works, I handled myself with more confidence and grace than I could have, had I not met with him. For all of this, I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! Thank you, Brian!!!”

Amanda M, FCS Preparation Client

“Hi Brian! Thank you so much for all your help! Amber was successful at mediation and we were given all that we wanted as far as custody. Realized that I hadn’t thanked you yet! The lawyers are still ironing out the language of the parenting plan but we are close to a conclusion. But thank you again for your assistance! Much appreciated! We would have no problem offering a recommendation for you!”

Amber G, FCS Preparation Client

“Brian, thanks again for the training course. I have a level of calmness (not complacency) about Friday now. I feel like I have the tools now to know what to expect and how to ensure I have the best outcome possible. Even if it is not what I want, I’m certain it will be more favorable than it would have been had I not reached out to you.”

Todd N, FCS Preparation Client

“Child custody issues are complicated by many factors. From Mr. Victor’s guidance on FCS preparation, I understood what are essential in the child’s best interests and what are effective ways to present in the mediation.”

Mr. W, FCS Preparation Client

“Mr. Victor prepared me for my Family Court Services custody mediation session. He provided me with little details I would not otherwise have thought of, which were extremely helpful. My mediation session went just as Mr. Victor said it would go. Thank you very much for your assistance.”

Chris C, FCS Preparation Client

“Mr. Victor’s professional coaching was very valuable and I appreciate the extra efforts he made for me. I believe that I presented myself better than I would have without his coaching and I was far better prepared.”

Rob R, FCS Preparation Client

“I wanted to thank you a million for all your help in getting me prepped for FCS. I feel everything went great. I was well prepared, the people were surprised I had my data sheet already filled out and since I didn’t have to fill it out I got to enjoy the little movie with a person that looked mighty familiar LOL, actually think I did laugh out loud when I saw you it did make me feel a lot more comfortable. So thanks again take care.”

Clay C, FCS Preparation Client

“Foremost, I thank Mr. Victor for his professionalism, extraordinarily accommodating my request for help on such a short notice (the day before a proceeding), and, most important, genuine care and willingness to help me.

I hired Mr. Victor to help me prepare for Family Court Services. His advice was indispensable! I would strongly encourage any person having a child custody recommendation counseling session to hire Mr. Victor and be as best prepared as you can for your loved ones.

Thank you Mr. Victor! I highly recommend him!”

Juan A, FCS Preparation Client

“Your Family Court Services preparation helped me with what I could answer. I would’ve been a deer in headlights without you.

Thank you!”

Perla P, FCS Preparation Client

FAQs for FCS Preparation

1. Does my attorney come with me to Family Court Services?


No, the parties meet with a Family Court Recommending Counselor who tries to help them create a parenting agreement between them. I can however, prepare you for your FCS session with firsthand knowledge of this process as I have more than eleven years of experience working at FCS.

2. Do I need preparation for attending a Family Court Services session?

While preparation is not mandatory, Family Court Services is an extremely important component of the court process as it relates to your custody order. A recommendation from their office is read by the judge and considered when the judge makes a court order for custody of your child. It is important to be as prepared as possible before attending a FCS session. I will prepare you for your FCS session with firsthand knowledge of this process as I have more than eleven years of experience working at FCS.

3. Are both parties interviewed at the same time?


Yes. Family Court Recommending Counselors interview both parties together. The exception to this policy is if there has been an alleged history of domestic violence or when there is a protective order in effect and one party has requested separate interviews.