Mediation Review and Consultation Attorney

Divorce mediation is a process that focuses on resolving your divorce issues without litigation. Child custody mediation allows you to create a parenting plan for your child without having to have a judge create the plan for you. A divorce mediation attorney and child custody mediation attorney does not represent either party, but rather acts as a neutral unbiased third party who helps you negotiate an agreement between you and your significant other. Therefore, it is important to have an independent mediation review and consultation attorney to consult with prior to and during the mediation process.

This attorney can provide important information you should make sure to discuss during mediation regarding your legal matter. A mediation review and consultation attorney can answer your legal questions and guide you through each step of the mediation process.

Additionally, it is important to have an attorney review all mediation documents before you agree to and sign any plan for child custody, division of property, or child support and alimony. An independent attorney can provide important insight as to what to include in any such agreement.

If you are currently participating in private mediation you should have an independent attorney to consult with and help you understand your legal options and to review paperwork and agreements before you sign them.

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