Happy New Year and welcome to the first blog of 2018. In this blog I am going to be talking about the best ways for preparing for divorce.

I found that as the new year begins people contemplate what is right and what may not be quite so positive in their lives. One big area people look at is their marriage. They begin to assess what they enjoy about being with their spouse and what needs some work. The holidays provide a great precursor to this reflection as that is usually time that spouses spend together and with their family. Too often I have heard people come into my office and tell me that the holidays that just ended were the breaking point of the marriage. People realize at that point their relationship is over and they have now decided to do something about that.

When prospective clients come to me they usually have spent time reflecting on their decision to get divorced and have either contemplated or attempted counseling, but to no avail. I have yet to have one person come to me and say I woke up this morning and made the decision to get divorced. If this did happen, I would tell them that they should think about this decision and think about the possible repercussions before coming back to me to begin the divorce process.

Helpful List to Begin a Divorce

I am often asked by prospective clients what I need to help prepare to file their divorce matter. The answer of course varies from case to case. I am going to provide a basic list of helpful items people can prepare when talking to their attorney about beginning their divorce matter. One of the most important things that is helpful for an attorney is for a prospective client to have a history of their situation. This of course includes date of marriage, date of separation (if the parties are separated), A list of concerns or complaints regarding the situation, children’s names and dates of birth and the history regarding their parenting time with their children. Other important items to have available include; a list of their assets and debts, when these assets and debts were acquired and how much they were acquired for.

Of course, there is additional information needed to begin a divorce case, but the items previously mentioned provide a good starting point. Be sure to check with your attorney as to additional items required for your matter. Please remember that the information provided in this blog is not to be considered legal advice, but rather general insight.

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